Our Team

Paulo Elias, Managing Partner & Client Relationship Architect

With over ten years of experience in new media as a designer, developer, producer, and entrepreneur, Paulo provides business development, client & project management, and strategy. He preaches communication should be transparent, practices responsible web design, and believes web standards should be embraced by everyone.

In the summer of 1998 Paulo started his career as a member of CyberCash, Inc.'s web team where he caught the interactive media bug and has never looked back. Throughout his career Paulo has worked with companies such as Jenny Craig International, The Estate of Jerry Garcia, and numerous small businesses. Over the years Paulo has become a seasoned Database and Web Technology specialist, with skills ranging from project and site conceptualization to ensuring that the final product matches the original spec. His technical background spans client-server technology, front-end design, back-end development, and multimedia design.

Paulo studied Business Administration, Marketing, and Information Systems at the University of San Diego and constantly consumes all books and blogs relating to Web Standards, web development, and business & marketing.

Steve Kirk, Director of Technology

Steve Kirk started programming at an early age, cutting his teeth on BASIC and Pascal with his Apple IIe back in the 80s. Although at University he was a student of English literature and comparative religions, he fueled his passion for software development and systems administration by working at the main library in the cataloging and reference departments, where he received his first email address in 1991, learned to navigate the early Internet with forgotten technologies like Gopher, and was introduced to UNIX System V and databases.

In 1996 he moved from Milwaukee to San Francisco and started his professional career in Web Development at CyberCash, an internet payment service for ecommerce, where he put his UNIX and programming skills to work while at the same time learning vastly more about programming and systems than one can imagine. JavaScript, Netscape Server, Apache, Oracle, Solaris, became his playground while he waited patiently for the browser wars to settle down and Web Standards to take hold in the market place.

In 1999, Steve moved on to become one of the first employees of eDreams SL, an online travel agency with headquarters in Barcelona, Spain. New tools included Java Servlets, JSP, Dynamo, jBoss, PHP, MySQL, and vastly more Solaris and FreeBSD, not to mention a more useful language, Spanish.

After leaving eDreams in 2002 and taking a 9 month sabbatical, Steve went on to work as a consultant in Barcelona. In the fall of 2002, he hooked up with Paulo once again through their mutual membership in the Noend community to collaborate on client projects, and have been working together ever since. Nowadays, he is deeply immersed in Python and Django, and still lives amongst the Catalans.